Muggers rob woman after she flaunts her wealth online


Muggers rob woman after she flaunts her wealth online

So Mei-yan, 25, has amassed 86,000 followers on Instagram and has become famous for showing off her luxury lifestyle. It is thought that the robbers could have been alerted to her large array of wealth via her social media account where she is famous for flaunting her goods.

Early yesterday morning she used her virtual fame to appeal to her thousands of followers for help to bring the robbers to justice and offered £194,000 as an incentive.

She said that three knife-wielding men burst into her home and tied her up along with her six-month-old son and his carer, 45, on Tuesday morning and looted cash and luxury items worth Rs84.8 million.

In a statement, police said,”As the doorbell rang, the maid opened the door and three men rushed into the unit.”

Mei-yan was sleeping in the master bedroom of her flat in One West Kowloon, on Lai Chi Kok Road, while her baby was in the sitting room with the helper at the time of the incident.

The police spokesman then said that two of the robbers were either carrying a ‘fruit knife or a wooden rod.’

The robbers then tied her and the child’s helper up with adhesive tape and bundled them into the babies room, where one stood guard and the other two searched the flat, The Sun reported.

But the robbers became increasingly frustrated when they couldn’t find any cash and returned to Mei-yan, punching her in the face and repeating their demands.

Mei-yan went on to explain, “One of them returned and pulled my hair asking where I put my money.”

Eventually the disgruntled thieves settled for her luxury items which she says were worth hundreds of thousands.

After the thieves had left, she managed to wriggle out of her restraints and call the police.

The police have released CCTV images of the three men who who they say were all Chinese, aged between 40 and 50, and about 1.7 metres tall. All the suspects wore caps and black surgical masks during the raid.