Mother gets one-year jail term for assaulting teachers, causing chaos in school


Saudi Arabia’s criminal court has awarded a woman one-year jail term after finding him guilty of assaulting her child’s teachers and causing chaos in the school.

According to the details, the incident took place, when the students were leaving the school and the mother asked a teacher to bring her son from the playground, but the teacher turned down her request saying it was not his duty.

The woman was annoyed over it and slapped him in the face. When another teacher came to his rescue, he was also slapped repeatedly on his face, said to court documents.

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Lawyer Abdul Aziz Al Mahayli told the journalist that the defendant’s lawyer offered a settlement to the teachers amounting to SR100,000 ($26,600) for the waiver, but they refused.

He said: “Two cases were referred to the court, a case from the mother against the teachers and vice versa, and the public prosecutor raised a case against the mother and a case against the teachers.”

Al Mahayli said the case against the teachers was dismissed after witnesses testified that it was the mother who assaulted the teachers and misbehaved verbally against them, so the judge decided to dismiss her case and complete the teachers’ lawsuit proceedings.

He said the mother was handed down a prison sentence of one year, with a stay of execution for three years, for causing chaos in the school and the use of “Snapchat” application to talk about the incident.