Momina Mustehsan defends Alizeh Shah amid online trolling


Momina Mustehsan has come to Alizeh Shah’s defense as the 20-year-old faces intense online criticism for her choice of clothing in recent days.

Following a collaboration with Sahir Ali Bagga for his latest song titled Badnamiyan, Alizeh was slammed for her clothing in the video – a black tank top. The incessant trolling on her Instagram page has since shown no signs of stopping, spilling over to her social media posts.

Thus, Momina Mustehsan was finally forced to put trolls in their place after one user commented, “She (Alizeh) has lost her beauty, in search of fame.”

“I would respectfully disagree. She’s still the same person, just expressing herself differently,” replied Momina, adding, “Let’s allow people to express themselves however they want to.”