Mohsen emerges from the shadows with plans to resolve PFF crisis


Ever since FIFA appointed a Normalisation Committee for the Pakistan Football Federation in September 2019, one man has been consistently mentioned as having had a big say on the decisions taken by the NC.

Mohsen Gilani has been called the orchestrator, the influencer, the ring leader to whose tune the NC has danced. He has maintained a low profile, working behind the scenes in Pakistan football. Until now, of course.

On Friday, Mohsen met Dr. Fehmida Mirza, the federal minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination, who for the last month has been working to resolve Pakistan football’s latest crisis which has resulted in a FIFA suspension.

Mohsen, formerly associated with the FIFA development office, is finally coming to the fore and in his first interview since his time working for the global football body, he gave an overview of his plans to extricate Pakistan football out of its current predicament.