Mohib Mirza reveals he does not know his daughter’s whereabouts


Renowned actor Mohib Mirza revealed he does not know where his daughter is and hopes to see her soon.

Turning to Instagram on Father’s Day, he shared a picture with her four-year-old daughter Meissa and said “I wish I knew the whereabouts, I pray and hope to see you soon my love my daughter Meissa.”

Mirza had confirmed in a 2019 interview that he and his former wife Amna Sheikh have parted ways.

She reportedly has sole custody of Meissa.

Responding to host Ahsan Khan’s question about if he still is with Sheikh, Mirza had replied “No, we aren’t together.”

The couple, who tied the knot in 2005, separated after being married for 14 years. Their daughter was born in August 2015. She is their only child.