Mobile apps that let you spy on your partner


In the revolutionary era of technology, few apps have been designed to spy on your spouse and it has never been dangerously this easy.
According to The Sun, the apps known as stalkerware, or ‘spousewear’, allows stalkers to keep a track of your calls and text messages. The powerful surveillance system is sold for £20 a month on Google Play and Apple App stores.

Once installed, the stalker can easily track the victim’s location, record the screen, track phone’s GPS and even watch them through their camera.

According to cybersecurity experts at Kaspersky, their protection technology has detected 37,532 devices having stalkware app installed.

Cyber-security and its objectives
The apps are most popular Russia, Brazil, the United States and Germany region. Initially designed for parents to keep track of their kids it is more widely used amongst spouses.

One alarming review for a stalkerware on the Google Play store, “I think this is the most useful app out there right now it is so easy to use my girlfriend didn’t even know.”

Another added: “This app is incredibly useful and does everything it’s supposed to do.

“I was able to see everything my boyfriend had been hiding from me and because it lets me on his phone all the time it was so easy.

Cybercriminal network expanding fast
“Everyone should get this app especially if you have a kid or significant other you suspect is being unfaithful. It saved me a lot of heartache and pain. Thank you for actually helping me.”

Spying and accessing someone’s computer device without consent is considered an illegal act and is punishable by the rule of law.

Google and Apple policies prohibit selling surveillance and commercial spyware apps.