Minor developed high fever after woman deliberately coughed in his face


In a CCTV footage, an elderly woman can be seen taking off her mask and coughing on the infant’s face. His mother, Miria Moya, said that the incident took place inside a cafe in San Jose, California

She said, “It happened very quickly and I was in shock, as the woman approached my son’s cart and then took off her mask and coughed three times firmly on his face.”

Moya has not yet examined her son’s coronavirus, but is now recovering from a fever. The footage showed Moya trying to pull her son’s cart cover quickly to protect him from a coughing attack.

Later, the elderly woman was identified as an employee for a Bay Area school district.

Police say the coughing woman was apparently upset that the mother of the baby was not following proper social distancing guidelines while waiting for her order, so she coughed on the woman’s baby in retaliation.