Mighty Israel versus a compromised world – Senator A Rehman Malik


A planted tiny country in 1947 is growing like a monster unchecked within the Arab-rich region and it is a sorry state of affairs that the Muslim Ummah has no collective power or force or a joint plan to stop the genocide of Palestinian Muslims at the hands of Israel. The cries of innocent women and children are muted under the roaring Israeli fighter jets and unprecedented bombing. Remember these cries can be extended by Israel to other neighbouring countries to fulfil their belief in the “promised holy land” as per their illicit propaganda. I have narrated some historic facts in reference to present and future designs of Israel. It is not only in Palestine, but thousands of Kashmiris, Kurds, Syrians, Lebanese, Iraqi, Afghanis, Yemenis, and Rohingyan, etc., helpless poor Muslims are getting killed but the Muslim Ummah has utterly failed to stop the bloodshed of innocent Muslims.

I have always been pointing out why the powerful west has to plant wars only in the Muslim blocs. Why the ugly allegations of terrorism against the Muslims only in the country wherever people practice Islam?

Gaza death toll from Israeli attacks hits 227, including 64 children
In fact, the Muslim world needs to know that it is a well-planned conspiracy against practicing Muslims. It is continuing post-capitalism and communist clash in Afghanistan and the world has been witnessing that the Islam-practicing bloc is under intense pressure from the West. The economy of rich countries was destroyed starting from the Iraq-Kuwait war and followed by the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak and then attacking Iraq on fake grounds. Arab Spring was launched and we witnessed the killing of Gaddafi and his country continues to be in trouble even today.

The Saudi-Yemeni conflict is still on and has dragged almost the whole Middle East into this ongoing conflict and the other one is the Iran Gulf conflict. The Syrian tragedy and the rise of well-supported Daesh are bringing the plan to action on the advice of their masters. We are still facing terrorist acts by Daesh. On the other hand, the developing Muslim countries have been engulfed by G-7 countries through a well-designed debt trap programme. The international statistics show that almost all third-world Muslim countries are under the direct control of IMF and World Bank.

All money laundering allegations are against Muslim countries only. The IMF and World Bank are controlling these countries and the IMF knows how to shut their mouths. The major control of international finances by design is under the control of Jews syndicates. The Jews learned to take the control of the world economy after they were forced out of Germany. They learned the way to control the economy and modern intelligence. In fact, there are the two right factors that are controlling the entire world. The time is proving that they have control of the economy and they have control over multiple intelligence nerves of the nations through the modern ways of communications. They have access both to the information and economy of the world.

I had written many times on the rise of Israel, but my article dated April 22, 2020 titled “Israel: Emerging might with rock-solid US backing” has become very relevant with my further in-depth arguments today. I wrote “Israel is now emerging as a mighty power due to solid support from the USA during the recent past. It seems that both the US and Israel have solidified their co-existence, and both are moving with a specific agenda and will continue to move the geopolitical era with a collective and joint strategy.”

What I had predicted has come true and further sadly proved in the UN session when 14 member states moved a resolution including Kuwait in favour of Palestine but which was vetoed by the American representative. The mighty US muted the voice of the majority and it was a reflection of what is happening in Gaza and what happened in Masjid Al-Aqsa. It is a matter of record that Palestine was part of the Ottoman Empire, Britain seized it after World War I and in 1947, Britain created a “national homeland for the Jewish people” in the territory of Palestine at the cost of the people of Palestine. It was a dispute created and there was no protection defined for the Arabs and this open-ended Balfour declaration created a mess that is now expanded and creating serious conflicting situations causing great sufferings for Palestine and turned into a massacre of oppressed people of Palestine. The Jewish population under the UK mandate increased from nine percent; to nearly 27 percent by 1935 with the immigration of European Jews under British allowance.

Israel was formally established after World War II when Holocaust became one of the major reasons for the Jews to have a separate homeland for themselves, who were massacred in Europe in the 1940s under the Nazi regime. Hence, the mass migration of Jews to Palestine was facilitated through the yearly migration of 10,000 Jews to Palestine.

Eventually, after WWII, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution calling for Palestine to be divided between Arabs and Jews on November 29, 1947. This finally led to the establishment of Israel which went ahead as per the plan of the west.

This is the only country that came into through migration after increasing the population of Jews for the claim of a country. Israelis have become the most powerful player and now have an upper hand even on the US administration. Israel occupied 20 percent land; now it has grabbed more than 80 percent. The present genocide of Palestinians will pave Israel to make further demographic changes and grabbing more and more land belonging to Palestine. It should be worrying for the neighbouring countries as Israel may engulf some other countries also in the future. The Muslim world must take note of the motives of Israel against them as it will further dilute the unity within the Muslim world.

I have a question for my fellow countrymen and the intellectuals to enlighten that what is the reason that all the Muslim countries are not united as a Muslim Ummah and as a bloc of governments because every government has its compulsion by the west.

Those like Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, King Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Muhammad Anwar el-Sadat, and Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi were eliminated with unnatural deaths. Undoubtedly, the killing of all these Muslim leaders cannot be a coincidence but an operation to punish them and to give a message to the Muslim World. I feel the Muslims will not be allowed to have a strong platform as a strong Muslim Ummah will be able to bring an end to ongoing aggression and conspiracies against the Muslim bloc.

My above arguments lead to conclude that Jews supported by the west will continue to build their mighty Israel and genocide of Palestinians will continue and the influence of Israel will keep increasing in the Middle East by design and it may emerge as yet another policeman in this region.

The ongoing webinars with verbal strong messages on Palestine are of no use unless collective Muslim troops move from the neighbouring country to stand against Israel to stop the genocide of innocent women and children. This might have to be countered with bigger might and not with verbal weak support.