Mehwish enchanted by viral rickshaw driver’s Mehdi Hassan-like voice


Untitled-1Karachi-based rickshaw driver Qasim Ali is taking the Internet by storm as a video featuring the talented driver’s melodious vocals has gone viral.

The hidden talent was spotted by reporter Faizan Lakhani who posted a video of the soulful Qasim on social media site Twitter and in no time made waves all over the internet.

The video featured the soulful singer enchanting listeners with a Mehdi Hassan classic.

However, it revealed a heat-breaking tragedy as the caption accompanying the video read, “This auto rickshaw driver in Karachi is an amazing talent, spotted him singing Mehdi Hassan’s songs at a stop. Qasim Ali says he wanted to be a classical singer but poverty shattered his dreams and he’s forced to drive rickshaw to earn his bread and butter.”
The video garnered the attention of fans as well as Pakistan’s leading actress Mehwish Hayat who wrote, “What a beautiful voice !”