Mansha Pasha and Aagha Ali are teaming up on television for the first time


DO YOU think Mansha Pasha and Aagha Ali would make a good couple onscreen?

Well, we’re about to find out. The duo will be teaming up for the first time for a two part telefilm; the series will explore the complexities of a young couple struggling to cope, after going through a tragic phase in their lives.

Speaking to Images, Pasha shared, “The name of my character is Mahira and she is someone who wasn’t ambitious, but due to something that’s happened, she has to start working. How she starts to feel her husband is acting strange due to his raging insecurities, his own problems, and how she overcomes them and ends up balancing her work-life and home-life together.”

“My character is very impactful and I think the message in it is also how women are not necessarily ambitious but later on, when they’re confronted with circumstances, how they do overcome them. It’s very good to show that women don’t necessarily start off being ambitious – sometimes they don’t even work because of ambition but because of necessity.”