Man wrestles shark at sea, held jaws open with bare hands for photo op


A man rushed to the rescue when beach goers cried shark and wrestled the beastly fish, conquering it in heroic fashion and opening its jaws with his bare hands for a photo opportunity.

Incredible footage of the otherworldly feat was captured on video by onlookers and subsequently shared it on social media where the video has gone viral in a short amount of time.

Although the video of the incident cuts off after the fearless swimmer pry opens the sharks mouth filled with countless rows of sharp and dangerous teeth.

The incident occurred at Delaware’s Cape Henlopen State Park Beach, United States.

Earlier, a member of Spain’s Paralympic swimming team was forced to out-sprint two sharks after a terrifying encounter off a Costa beach.

Ariel Schrenck went up a gear after hearing his mum shouting from the shoreline when she spotted two tell-tale fins and saw the animals heading in his direction.

The drama happened off Sant Pol beach on the Costa Brava, a short drive from the famous resort of Lloret de Mar.