Man Told wife to Close her eyes and then Stabbed her.


A husband who told his wife he had “a present for her” before plunging a kitchen knife through her body as she lay in bed was convicted of attempted murder today.

Shaun May placed a tea towel over Laura May’s eyes and invited her to guess what her present was. He then slowly counted down from 10 before egging himself on by muttering “Come on Shaun”.

Mrs May, who still had her eyes closed, then felt knife plunge between her shoulder and neck.

What she at first thought was a clamping-like sensation caused by a puppy clawing at her quickly became agony.

The knife was wielded with such force that the blade came back out of her back and the handle snapped off, Maidstone Crown Court in Kent, was told.

With the knife having been removed from her back, Mrs May managed to get out of bed to see her husband of 14 months standing with two knives in his hand threatening to stab himself.

When she asked why he had attacked her, he told her he had lost his job the previous day over financial irregularities and was worried about paying the mortgage.

May, 34, denied attempted murder but the jury found him unanimously guilty.