Man sells three-month-old daughter to buy smart phone


In order to buy a new smart phone and a motorcycle, a man sold his thee-month-old daughter for Rs1 lakh in India.

According to the details, a farm worker sold his baby girl for Rs1 lakh to a childless couple in Tinakal village of Karnataka state. After receiving the money, he reportedly bought a motorcycle for Rs 50,000 and a smart phone for Rs 15,000.

The local residents said that when the couple had been blessed with the baby girl, they planned to sell her and were negotiation with some people in Benglauru.

Meanwhile, a man, 50, contacted the couple and bought the baby girl for Rs1 lakh.

Acting on a tip-off, the police conducted raid at a house in the village and recovered the baby girl from the couple. The police also arrested the biological mother of the baby girl while her father managed to escape from the scene.

The police registered a case and launched investigations into the incident.