man killed during TikTok stunt on train track


A young man was hit and killed by a train in Pakistan while being filmed walking along the tracks for a TikTok stunt, police and rescue officials said Saturday (Jan 23).

The accident happened on Friday in the Shah Khalid neighbourhood of Rawalpindi city, near the capital Islamabad.

Mr Hamza Naveed, 18, was walking next to the tracks while a friend filmed him, Mr Raja Rafaqat Zaman, a spokesman for the local rescue agency.

“The moving train hit him while he was posing for a video and walking on the railway track,” Mr Zaman said.

Rescue workers rushed to the site, he said, but the young man was already dead. Friends of the young man told rescue workers he was posing for the video to post it on TikTok and his other social media accounts, Mr Zaman said.

A police official at the local station confirmed the accident and other details.