Mahira calls Ali Azmat ‘the ultimate rockstar’


Mahira Khan really turned heads at the latest edition of Paris Fashion Week where she was representing Pakistan. She danced with Dame Helen Mirren during her four-day trip and rocked a Karl Lagerfeld jacket, having also attended a workshop – among other things.

Taking to Twitter, Mahira Khan wrote in the event’s aftermath, “Had such an unforgettable time with the most magnificent women (and men)! So grateful that I get to represent my country on so many platforms… even more grateful for the love and support! Thank you @Loreal @LorealPak #LOrealPFW #LorealParis #lorealpakistan.”

Back home, before flying for Paris and in an interview as part of a press junket for Superstar, Mahira Khan described Ali Azmat as the ultimate rock-star of Pakistan.

“There is only one rockstar this country has created,” Mahira said decisively. “What a man, what a guy,” she continued. “He is exactly who he is and he’s been like that forever – even when I was a fan and me and my best friend would follow him around and he’s always been that guy.”

Both Mahira Khan and Ali Azmat are a part of the cast of The Legend of Maula Jatt but whether they share scenes or not is a mystery at this point.

With a hint of laughter, Mahira Khan added, “Although lately, every time he meets me – what does he say,” Mahira thought back and said, “He calls me ‘Hey, serial rejecter’ and I’m like ‘who are you talking about’ and I have no idea who he’s talking about or whom I’ve rejected. So, it’s an inside joke but I don’t know it so I’m like okay, whatever, fine.”