Mahira and Asim exchange cute banter on twittert


Mahira Khan and Asim Azhar exchanged cute banter on twitter and fans surely loved it.
Yesterday, Pakistan’s acclaimed actress Mahira Khan took to twitter to start #askmahira on the occasion of New Year.

Mahira’s friend and Coke Studio famed singer, Asim Azhar asked Mahira about her favorite song that starts with ‘G’ and ends with ‘I’.

“What’s your all time favourite song of a movie of yours that starts with a G and ends with i ??? @TheMahiraKhan #askmahira,” Asim wrote on his twitter account to which Mahira replied,

“Uffff. ghalatfehmi hai aapki, my fav song is the one you sent for my birthday.”

Ghalatfehmi is one of the blockbuster songs of 2019 sung by Asim Azhar for Mahira Khan’s movie Superstar.