Literature, politics, and resistance: Part – II – Naseem Javed


Now that fate of export promotion bureaus reviewed because without exports nations are doomed…

Without exports nations are doomed; without Export Promotion Agencies local exporters are doomed; without exporting goods foreign exchange revenues are doomed; without foreign exchange revenues national economy is doomed. This is how restless citizenry arises and fears of populism starts growing. How this doom and gloom can be fixed, right away?

Unless they operate as if ultra-modern, global-age savvy, platform economy centric, connected round the clock, interactive around the world, engaged organizations of super-experts, because locked in the old style export promotions hustle they are now nothing but lingering liabilities. These old fashioned bureaucratic government agencies; started out nation by nation, country by country, during last century but today mostly damaging their own national image and local economies, hurting their own local exporters and equally creating a poor image for themselves on way becoming irrelevant.

To understand gravity just study a dozen such agencies or ask 100 exporters of what they think of their export promotion agencies. Deeper studies are essential.
Today, some 200 nations of the world have some type of a government led national export promotions department dedicated to creating exporting opportunities and bring in foreign exchange. Mostly created decades ago, when typewriters considered the most advanced invention and some even before the paper invented. Mandated nationally to promote national goods and services globally and find creative ways to help big and small exporters, today, outside a miniscule number, mostly are badly struggling, although typewriters replaced but procedurally on outdated models, operationally out of touch realties, and functionally missing exceptional global opportunities.

If foreign exchange revenue are new challenges for your nation, if sluggish exports are lingering and SME upsets for lack of support, a revolutionary change is a must, change fast or the world will leave you further behind

Only at national leadership level such a massive uplifting transformation can take place, especially to morph into an ultra-modern, shiny-sleek-digitized-organization is not new funding dependent its execution and global-age-skills starved. Export Promotions Agencies outside a very small number most are unable to fix their own problem. The teams must prove their capabilities to cope with world-class challenges of extreme competitive quality, speed and performance on exportability with deep appreciation of platform economies and block-chained-commerce. Test any dozen nations and you will have deplorable results. The times have changed but this is not a cliché, it’s a stark warning for nations struggling to find grassroots prosperity and avoid fears of populism.

Transformation demands, firing the first person for incompetence for saying they have no new funding to change and firing the next person for disorganization for saying they are too busy and have no time to change. It’s time to choose build world-class export promotion agencies and bring home grassroots prosperity

Welcome to 2020 – new rides to 2030 – new crossroads;

The old school of wars; trade-wars, cultural-wars, economic-wars or fake-wars

Create fake and bubble economies, create unlimited debts and unlimited fears

The new school of collaborative synthesizim; open trade with 100 micro-power-nations
Create local grassroots prosperity, make lifelong learning as national agenda

Why Brexit is a living example of failed UK politics?

Why Impeachment is a living example of failed USA politics?

Why empty treasuries of most nations have now left limited options?

Why a fear of restless citizenry and populism is on rise?

Why there is absence of hardcore debates on such issues productivity and global competitiveness?

Imagine a nation with super-power-highly-skilled export promotion agency working hand in hand with local Chambers of Commerce and top national Trade Associations. To continue, imagine all set up on platform economies to bounce from 100-200 big and small countries. Imagine if 1000 or 1,000,000 local small and midsize enterprises were enjoying trade and creating foreign exchange revenues… no you are not dreaming, all this can happen within a year. In reality, outside few organized nations, most nations convinced keeping at such pace only have some input and some output but mostly backward and sluggish as typical bureaucratic waste. The square wheel got to go.

Rules of Engagements: start with bonfires of desks, filing cabinets and declare national image race to conquer the world promoting locally produced goods and services while showcasing talent and national resources.

Rules of Exportability: without customized-workable-platform-economy-modeling there is no real exportability campaign; become an expert, half the information is already on Google for a decade.Fact: world can absorb unlimited exportable ideas in unlimited vertical markets.

Fact: well-designed innovative ideas are worthy of such quadrupled volumes.

Fact: entrepreneurial and dormant talents of a nation are capable of such tasks.

Fact: global age skills, knowledge and execution are now the missing links

Rules of National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism: To deploy such blueprints, launch a nationwide business-uplift lifelong learning agenda for the entire export promotion bodies, Chambers, trade associations and also the entire small-medium-exporters base. Review this process meticulously every 100 days. Under right situation, the export promotion of the nation can easily quadruple within a year. It is necessary to keep asking what is blocking this and who is stopping this?

Rules of Global-Age Deployments: Transformation demands, firing the first person for incompetence for saying they have no new funding to change and firing the next person for disorganization for saying they are too busy and have no time to change. It’s time to choose build world-class export promotion agencies and bring home grassroots prosperity.

The world is changing fast; this is not just a cliché, it’s now a warning

Study deeply global-age exportability, micro-power-nations, skills-wars and national mobilization of entrepreneurialism…all available since last decade on Google

The writer is Chairman Expothon Worldwide