Jahan Rang | 26th October 2016


Oct 26 Jahan Rang with Nafisa Hoodbhoy discussing – Quetta mourns attack/businesses closed/HRCP urges rethinking of terror fighting plan, Immigrants being sent back/arrest of green eyed woman in Peshawar, US election update

Theme no. 1 – Quetta mourns attack/businesses closed (Abdus Sattar Kakar)
1) Defense analyst – Maj Nazar Hussain Zammarud (Quetta)
2) Editor Balochistan Express – Siddiq Baloch (Quetta)

Theme no. 2 – Pakistan needs to rethink terror strategy (Mohd Ishtiaq)
3) Ex-chairman Human Rights Commission of Pakistan – Prof Mehdi Hasan (Lahore)

Theme no. 3 – Immigrants issue/`Green Eyed’ woman arrested – ( Mohd Jaleel)
4) Peace Movement leader – Mukhtar Baacha (Peshawar)

Theme no.4 – US Election Update/Early voting/Candidate strategies – VOA reports
5) Pro Republican/Muslim Republican Coalition – Saba Ahmed (Washington DC)
6) Pro Democrat/President South Asians for Hillary – Saim Ibrar (New York)