Izn e Rukhsat | Episode 9


Izn- e- Rukhsat is the story of young girl, Sundus, who fights for herright to belong to a happy family. Sundus is raised by her mother after the painful separation of her parents. Like in any other child’s case, this separation and absence of her father has taken a toll on her personality.
Hiader is Sundus’s love interest to whom she portrayed that she belongs to a happy family; a family where she is treated like a princess by her father. This camouflage is far from reality, but she has built this cover story over the years to avoid peer pressure and speculations.

Cast:Faisal Rehman, SabreenIsbahani, Fayeza Khan, SoniyaMashal, Shehzad Sheikh, Ghulam Mohiuddin
Written by: Maha Malik
Directed by: Ahmed Kamran
Produced by: 7th Sky Entertainment