Is Ali Zafar preparing for new PSL song?


Singer and actor Ali Zafar has finally released a video showing him preparing for a song as he promised his fans to come up with an announcement on the new Pakistan Super League (PSL) song on Sunday.

The video with drumbeats in the backdrop shows the singer sitting on a chair with his musical instruments.

As the camera, focuses on him, he could be heard saying in his mischievous style ‘Bhai araha hai. Tyyar ho!’

A day before, during a conversation in programme ‘Har Lamha Purjosh’ host Wasseem Badami, Ali Zafar said that he would make an announcement on singing a PSL song at 2:00 pm on Sunday.

“When 80 percent people on Twitter polls want you to do it then there is no choice but to come for it after preparations,” he said while referring to a poll conducted on Twitter by Waseem Badami.

He, however, said that lyrics, composing and other key elements required to prepare a song could take some time. Zafar also announced to participate in the Har Lamha Purjosh programme next week.

Speaking on the matter, the programme host Waseem Badami said that the importance of the official PSL song could not be denied but if people want Ali Zafar to sing a new song then he would do it for his fans.

Yesterday, Singer Ali Zafar has responded to Ali Azmat’s statements by saying that he will always respect him as a senior and suggested him to ‘be happy’.

He gave an interesting reply when questioned about the controversy of hiring bloggers to defame the songs sung by rival artists, “You can also contact me if you want to bring or topple a government.”