If we produce content like Ertugrul it will get banned, says Areeba Habib


Model turned actress Areeba Habib is winning hearts of fans with her remarkable acting in drama serials. In her latest Interview, she talks about the mind-set of Pakistani public who watch drama serials. Areeba thinks that our society can’t accept anything except some certain content from our dramas.

Backing her point she gave the example of ‘Ertugrul’ which is been praised by everyone but when we try to produce such content it will be banned. Talking to the host, Areeba said: “There is a very famous Turkish series ‘Ertugrul’ everybody is talking about the drama and the brands are casting their actors in their ads. The reason our audience have picked their actors is because of their way of style and words they use but if try to do the same thing it will get banned and our public will start trolling our actors on social media.”