Hassan Ahmed opens up about his 2012 kidnapping


Model-turned-actress Sunita Marshall’s husband, actor Hassan Ahmed, recently shared that he regrets not learning and changing himself for the better from his kidnapping incident.
He appeared on Rewind with Samina Pirzada and shared his ordeal. He was kidnapped in March 2012 and returned home after 35 days.

“It was a random case of kidnapping. It was horrible and terrifying but now I can easily talk about it,” he said.

He added, “I was there because God wanted to fix somethings in me but I felt he kept telling me that I will take you out of this scenario, you just have to be patient but while you are here, learn to spend your life.”
Hassan Ahmed shared that unfortunately three to four months after the incident, he was back to being who he was which he regrets. But for the past six to eight months, he has made an effort to bring some positive changes in his life and himself.

Speaking about struggling to be cast as a hero during the initial period of his career, he said “We had this concept that whoever is doing a lead role is a hero. Now I think, a lot of work is being done on character-actors.”

Everyone has to up their game and there’s a lot of focus on acting that how good of a performer you are more than the looks, I like it,” he added.

The 37-year-old actor said this is exactly how he wanted this industry to shape up.

The Surkh Chandni actor revealed that before his wife, Sunita Marshall, he first fell in love with a girl from his college and the two were seeing each other for two to three years but things didn’t work out.

He also spoke about his marriage and wife. “She is a very strong and independent woman. Our marriage wasn’t a walk in the park.”