Hafeez concerned for unemployed cricketers


Discarded Pakistan all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez has expressed his reservations over the revamped domestic cricket structure in the country.

The new system in place consists of only six teams as compared to 16 in the previous structure with no involvement of departments anymore.

Only 192 players are now eligible to play in the first-class and second XI events but the changes made have also resulted in the unemployment of as many as 800 players and management staff.

Responding to news package video circulating on Twitter, in which one of the affected cricketers Fazal Subhan is narrating his story, Hafeez tweeted: “So sad really, like him and many others are suffering, new system will look after 200 players but 1000 of cricketers and management staff are unemployed because of this new model. I don’t know who will take the responsibility of this unemployment of cricket fraternity, for all the victims.”


More interestingly, the Pakistan Cricket Board had said the the new system will help the domestic circuit get rid of old players. However, many players, who are past the age to be considered for international cricket, are still a part of the circuit which raises the question if the changes are serving the PCB’s purpose.

It has ultimately blocked the way of many youngsters to come at the national level to show their talent.