Govt to curtail NAB chairman’s unfettered power to arrest


ISLAMABAD: The federal government will finalise next week the ordinance to amend the NAB law. Besides addressing the issue of the continuation of incumbent chairman Javed Iqbal, it will bring some good news for bureaucrats, businessmen and politicians, as the PTI government is considering to check the chairman’s unfettered powers to arrest an accused.

Informed sources say that because of the time constraint, the ordinance will allow for the continuation of the current chairman Javed Iqbal till a new appointment is made. The prime minister will also consult the leader of the opposition on making a new appointment or giving another term to the sitting chairman.

In a meeting with the prime minister, sources say, it has been agreed that as per the law the government must consult the leader of the opposition because Shahbaz Sharif might indeed be facing corruption cases but is not a convict. Thus, the government has distanced itself from its earlier policy of not consulting Shahbaz Sharif because he was facing NAB cases.