‘Ghissi Pitti Mohabbat’ ends on a positive, happy note


Ghissi Pitti Mohabbat has turned out to be one of those rare dramas which concluded on a positive and satisfying note and viewers couldn’t be happier.

The drama, which had audiences hooked from the first couple of episodes, ended with Samia (Ramsha Khan) choosing the single life after a string of failed relationships and marriages. She decided that she has had enough of societal pressures and dealing with workplace issues and set up her own restaurant where she employed transgender staff. The ending was refreshing and remarkably different from what we are used to seeing on Pakistani television.
Writer Fasih Bari Khan brilliantly used satire and sarcasm to send across social messages and presented a solid script and story. That coupled with brilliant performances from the lead cast including Khan, Wahaj Ali, Ali Abbas, Shahood Alvi, Saba Faisal, and Sajeeruddin made the drama a winner.

Audiences have lauded the show for showing a positive and empowered woman in the form of Samia. Check out some reactions below:

Meanwhile, Ramsha, said the drama was “the greatest experience [of her] career”.

In a note posted to social media, the actor said: “Thank you Samia Anwar for teaching me the things I never thought I needed to change in me.”

“Goodbye Samia…you’ll always be with me,” she added.