From Mehwish Hayat to Ali Zafar here’s how leading celebrities of Pakistan are toning up and keeping fit


Pakistani Celebrities are conscious of their health and well being and take their fitness routine seriously. Here’s a look at how they stay fit and ton up at their fitness studio.

From acting to fitness, Mehwish Hayat has proven you can just work for the body you want. The actress loves her gym workouts and puts in hours to stay fit and in shape. Gym is her second home and she never hesitates to jog for few extra miles. Mehwish likes to do yoga as part of her fitness plan. Her social media pictures are surely an inspiration for us to hit the gym.

Pakistani rockstar Ali zafar , who wowed India with his powerful singing and acting talent has been ripping it up at the gym. Ali is not just about peaked biceps, but is also about peak fitness which includes daily weight training, Crossfit training , kickboxing, kettlebell swings, tire flips and so on.

The Baghi actress and TV presenter is one of the highest-paid celebrities and the fittest in Pakistan showbiz . If you follow her on social media, then you may know that she is more into weight training routine, cardio and plank exercises. Saba tries to incorporate the basics of gymnastics in her daily workout session.