Flood in Indus River inundates 250 villages in Dadu, Jamshoro


As many as 250 villages were inundated due to flood in Indus River at various places of Katcha area of Dadu and Jamshoro district on Wednesday.

At least 250 villages were flooded in Katcha area of Sona Bindi, Nau Goth, Dodo Kalhoro, Deen Pur, Jatoi KT, Nau Deero, Purano Deero, Moundar, Jhaloo, Amniani, KT lalia, Sann, Manjhand, Budhapur and Unarpur of Dadu and Jamshoro districts.

Inhabitants of different villages and areas have started to shift their family members at safe place due to flood in river along with Katcha area in Dadu and Jamshoro districts. River water of Indus is moving more parts of Katcha area of Dadu and Jamshoro districts.

Deputy Commissioner Dadu, Rajaj Shahzaman Khuhro visited the LS-Larkana Sehwan bund at Syal Bund, Moundar in taluka Dadu and directed irrigation officials to establish Landhies/ watching points and start patrolling at LS bund. He also directed to local revenue officials of Dadu to shift the people from villages of Katcha area at safe place.

SE irrigation of southern division Dadu, Sajid Ali Bhutto said that it was 67 miles of LS bund in the jurisdiction of Dadu and Jamshoro districts.

He said that flood water of river Indus has touched at bottom of gages of embankments of 11 miles out of 67 miles of LS bund in Dadu and Jamshoro district.

He said that it was only one historical vulnerable point of LS-Larkana Sehwan bund in Sehwan taluka but efforts were taken to face any situation.

Talking with journalists Ashfaq Ahmed Memon special assistant to CM Sindh for Irrigation department said that it was 422653 cusecs level of water at up stream of Guddu Barrage and 383453 cusecs level of water at downstream of Guddu barrage.

He said that it was medium flood at Guddu and Sukkur Barrage and it was low flood at Kotri barrage. About water level at Sukkur barrage, he said that it was 360125 level of water at up stream of Sukkur barrage and 300500 cusecs water of level at downstream of Sukkur barrage.

About water level at Kotri barrage, he said that it was 185015 cusecs level of water at up stream of Kotri barrage and it was 152060 cusecs level of water at downstream at Kotri barrage. He said that it was 193000 cusecs up stream of Kotri barrage one day back but today it was reduced

About water level at Dadu Moro bridge, he said that 125.1 feet RL water was recorded at Dadu Moro Bridge and 111.5 feet RL water was recorded at Manchhar Lake. He said that it was level of water 8.0 feet RL at Nai Gaaj dam.

He said that irrigation department has taken efforts at vulnerable points of embankments along with left and right sides of Guddu, Sukkur and Kotri barrages. He appreciated provincial secretary irrigation Sindh Saeed Ahmed Magnejo to take efforts on vulnerable dykes of Indus River and barrages in Sindh. He said that secretary irrigation Sindh was very competent officer who is looking after flood in Sindh.

While, secretary Irrigation Sindh, Saeed Ahmed Magnejo visited the vulnerable point of embankment at at Jamshoro front bund at left side of Kotri barrage. He directed irrigation officials on urgent base to start the work of Pitching, earth work and widening and stone dumping. Following directives of irrigation secretary Sindh, Saeed Ahmed Magnejo, the work of stone dumping, widening and pitching was started at embankment at Kotri barrage.

Secretary irrigation Sindh Saeed Ahmed Magnejo told that patrolling along with embankments at left and right side of river Indus was going on by irrigation officials and he was monitoring every situation but it was quite safe position of embankment at all barrages in Sindh.

Deputy Commissioner Jamshoro, Captain rtd Fareed u Ddin Mustafa visited the embankments at downstream and up stream of Kotri barrage and watched patrolling of irrigation officials along with embankments.

Meanwhile, following the serious flood warning in Satluj River earlier this week by NDMA, the administrations of districts located at the river bank have been advised to initiate necessary measures to face any emergency situation.

In view of likely Hydro-Meteorological situation, all authorities concerned, especially PDMAs, DDMAs, Districts Administration and provincial Irrigation Department of Punjab province are strictly advised to remain fully alert, according to advisory issued by National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).

They advised to ensure timely actions on warnings issued by the concerned organizations to save the communities of low lying areas around the river bed, public and private property alongside with irrigation, drainage and flood protection infrastructure.

The PMD is monitoring the prevailing weather system in the overall perspective of anticipated rains and likely flood situation in the country, especially the enhanced inflows in Sutlej River and keeping all concerned fully abreast of the situation on round-the-clock basis through FFD, Lahore.

Authority also issued alert to people residing in and close to river banks and near plain water courses while vulnerable population has also been warned not to venture Nullahs crossing and flash flooding routes.

Relevant authorities have also been advised to take steps for raising awareness in public with regards to vacating dangerous buildings, remaining away from electric wires and avoid swimming during rain especially in underpasses.

Following the likely flooding situation that may cause traveling hindrances for public and rescue activities, National Highway Authority, (NHA) and Communication and Works Department (C&W) of respective provinces and regions have been advised to remain ready for restoring road linkages.

Moreover, all provincial health departments about pre-placement of necessary staff have also been asked to remain on standby in case of emergency.

Earlier, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) warned of increasing water levels in River Sutlej at Ganda Singh Wala to cause serious flood like situation while Flood Forecasting Division (FFD) Lahore had predicted that 100,000 cusecs to 150,000 cusecs flood water would pass by the evening of Wednesday from Ganda Singh Wala. Authorities concerned have been requested to ensure these precautionary measures to avoid any loss of life or property.

SOURCEExpress Tribune