Firework blows up in Sydney man’s face


man who was seriously injured after a firework exploded in his face, is recovering after the shocking incident in Sydney.

The terrifying accident was caught on camera.

Confronting footage of the botched blast, shows the man igniting the firework in the middle of a Punchbowl road on Christmas Eve before it shoots directly into him.

A concerned bystander can be heard saying “move your face! move your f**king face,” only seconds prior to the accident.

Paramedics say the incident serves as a timely reminder of the dangers of fireworks ahead of New Year’s Eve celebrations.

“These are explosive devices that are in people’s hands that can do a lot of damage which can lead to death,” a NSW Ambulance spokesperson said

“So, let’s leave it to the experts.”

People caught illegally lighting fireworks at home not only risk serious injury and death, but also hefty fines of more than $27,000.