Is it wise to announce ‘Early Victory’ against COVID-19? – Tarik Alam Solangi


“History never repeats itself. Man always does,” rightly said, Voltaire. Man is always condemned to repeat it by forgetting the lessons taught through previous experiences be it in the case of waging deadly wars or more recently not learning from the perilous history of pandemics. The same is the case with Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), which many epidemiologists believe to be progressively similar to the last century’s deadly pandemic of Spanish flu (1918). Even during the past times, social and physical distancing had been suggested as one of the most prominent public health interventions against infectious disease pandemics. It has also proven beneficial for the COVID-19. These restrictive measures have been necessary to slow down the spread of the virus and have already saved tens of thousands of lives. However, they cannot last longer owing to adverse social, psychological, and economic consequences of increased lockdown. Therefore, it is necessary to relax restrictions and reintroduce lockdown measures in phases, not at once; following the “strategic reduction of contact” policy to “keep the curve flat.”