Feroze Khan doesn’t want Sonya to pay heed to Sharmeen’s comments


Feroze Khan doesn’t want Sonya to pay heed to Sharmeen’s comments


Earlier this week, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy gave a dressing down to actor Sonya Hussyn for her comments about Mahira Khan in a three-year-old interview. Now Hussyn has responded to the filmmaker’s comments, with the actor’s famous friends also coming to her aid.

Hussyn took to Instagram to share a news article about Chinoy’s comments. The headline reads, “‘Don’t think you’ll ever be Mahira Khan’ – Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy names and shames Sonya Hussyn.” The Ishq Zahe Naseeb actor shared the screenshot to her Instagram story, offering a clarification of her views on Khan, and calling out Chinoy for her comments. She wrote, “Pulling one woman down while putting another up in full view of the public and talking about upbringing! Besides, the pandemic has given too much extra time to some people to ‘dis’ others by taking things out of context. Had I been asked for which of the films I’d opt for, I would have chosen Verna.”

She continued, “Freedom of expression related to work is not disrespectful in any way. Ms Chinoy, your choice of words, tone and tenor doesn’t behove an Academy Award winner, and lest you didn’t know, I have never aspired to be Mahira. She’s excellent and amazing in her own right and I am on my own journey. Love x.”

Actor Feroze Khan also took his Instagram story to share his stance on the situation. The actor shared a picture of Chinoy holding her Academy Award, writing, “I once saw this YouTube link where the woman she made a documentary on, for which she won Oscars, was complaining she never paid her. While talking about upbringing. @SonyaHussyn these people don’t decide your destiny. Laik olad k saray baap hotay hain! Stay strong.”

Hussyn responded to the Ishqiya actor with, “@FerozeKhan of course! And Allah is indeed the best planner!”

The fuel to the fire

In the interview clip from the After Moon Show, which resurfaced recently, Hussyn responded to a question posed by Yasir Hussain in which the host inquired what film Hussyn would have turned down had she been Mahira Khan. The actor responded by saying she would have refused to be Shah Rukh Khan’s love interest in Raees.

The Oscar-winning director called out the starlet over her choice of words and asserted that such remarks only reflect poorly on one’s upbringing. In the comments section of a post made by a digital publication, Chinoy wrote while addressing Hussyn, “Don’t think you’ll ever be Mahira Khan so you won’t ever get to say no. Don’t diss other women in the industry; it reflects poorly on you and your upbringing.”

Hussyn had shared her views during the rapid-fire segment of the show. She had been given three options “Verna, Raees or Ho Mann Jahan,” to which she had stated, “I wouldn’t have done Raees since I have no interest in playing Shah Rukh Khan’s sidekick.”

Sonya says controversy

This isn’t Hussyn’s first brush with controversy in recent times, with the actor being called out for bullying by Mathira in late June. The VJ took to Instagram and called out Hussyn for bullying her a few years ago by making derogatory remarks about her at the International Pakistan Prestige Awards (IPPA) in London.

“I had to do get it off my chest,” Mathira wrote on Instagram. She explained that when she was on the bus “other celebrities informed her about how fellow actor Sonya Hussyn thought she was a shemale.” The VJ added how she felt belittled even though she had been minding her business. “I still managed to help her out because she [Sonya] seemed lost and her English isn’t very good. I was still kind but this woman didn’t say sorry or thank you,” she said adding, “Girl, you are fake. The only person who hugged me and told me to smile was Azfar Rehman.”

She further commented, “I was fighting depression. I hated how I looked and people calling me names and making fun of me broke me completely. I have been through hell. All I want to say is girls like her are pretty faces with ugly souls.”

However, both of them reconciled soon after. When reached out for a comment, Sonya denied all such claims and hearsay and said she had herself called Mathira to clear any misunderstanding that might have occurred in the first place. After Sonya clarified the matter, Mathira took to Instagram and lauded the actor for her call. “Yes, sisters forever. United we stand,” Mathira penned, adding, “I was hurt hence I spoke up. It’s off my chest, I feel better.”