Feroz Kadri is Pakistan television’s star


Feroz Kadri was lucky when he bagged a part in Hum TV’s ongoing soap, ‘c’. It was a role that was conceived as a one-dimensional character but went on to become the show’s major draw.

In fact, the scriptwriter and director decided to extend his role and add more shades to it.

Mid-show, to Kadri’s utter surprise, the trajectory of his on-screen character, Sajjad, was altered — from being an illiterate, uncouth and unemployed small-towner whose marriage to an educated and sophisticated cousin only serves to lower his self-esteem and raise his temper, to a nice and romantic man who has the greatest respect for his wife and would support her even after she is paralysed in a road accident, against the wishes of his foul-mouthed mother.

Later, when Sajjad goes back to school, on the insistence of his wife, he becomes a victim of student politics and ends up being kidnapped and tortured.

It’s a character that runs an entire gamut of emotions. And Kadri couldn’t be happier.

A proud Lahori boy, who studied political science and media at college before working at an advertising agency for some time, Kadri had the conviction to leave his hometown as well as a covetous job to make it in Karachi’s bustling showbiz world — “all by myself,” he tells Gulf News, with a hint of pride.