Faisal Qureshi reveals why he left acting


Faisal Qureshi reveals why he left acting

“You could say that my true passion is direction or just working behind the camera. I like conceiving the project and then making it… let it be movies, commercials, dramas or awareness campaigns,” he said on SAMAA TV’s morning show Naya Din on Thursday.

“If you act and direct too, it becomes hard to manage.”

Qureshi rose to fame by writing, directing and acting in comedy sitcoms and advertisements.

Ufone’s advertisements turned him into a mega star as he left the country in fits with his witty comedy in all his commercials.

In 2010, his Saaf Awaz ad for Ufone won the Best Telco Ad award.

The Naram Sa To Ha commercial also went viral in 2014 in which Qureshi played a Pathan man who mistook a gadda (bed) for gadha (donkey). And the SAMAA TV anchor made sure to ask Qureshi about it.