Ehd e Wafa teasers tell the tale of true friends


It was last week that Osman Khalid Butt shared a picture of himself along with Ahad Raza Mir, Ahmed Ali Akbar and Wahaj Ali on social media; the four of them could be seen standing outside Lawrence College in uniforms, with the caption “SSG” intriguing all fans. Since then rumors have been doing rounds that classic Pakistani drama Alpha Bravo Charlie is getting a sequel. Recently, the drama serials’ first two teasers were released.

Titled Ehd e Wafa, this one tells “the story of true friends on their journey of hardships and hustle, willing to sacrifice for their country”.

The teaser shows four friends training together in order to become a part of the Special Service Group (SSG). During the training Osman, Ahad, Ahmed Ali and Wahaj are seen having fun and playing pranks on each other. In the first teaser the boys form a bond and Osman can be heard saying, “Loyalty, honesty, secrecy are the only three rules of joining the SSG.” In the second teaser, we are introduced to Jo Tu Chahay actor Alizeh Shah, who seems to be playing Ahad’s love interest.

Helmed by Saife Hassan, Ehd e Wafa is written Mustafa Afridi of Sang e Mar Mar and Aangan fame. Besides the lead characters, the serial features Zara Noor Abbas, Hajra Yamin and Vaneeza Ahmad among others. The release date of the drama is yet to be revealed but the teasers are being rolled out in full force.