Doctor sues Apple over Watch’s ability to detect irregular heartbeat


A New York University cardiologist filed a lawsuit on Friday against Apple Inc.’s Watch for using his patented invention to detect irregular heartbeat.

Dr. Joseph Wiesel claims in the lawsuit that his patent marked “pioneering steps” in monitoring atrial fibrillation and is seeking compensation from Apple.

According to reports in Bloomberg, Apple promotes a feature in the watch that can measure heart rate and can provide notifications of an irregular pulse.

Dr. Wiesel teaches at the NYU School of Medicine and was awarded in March 2006 for his patent. On September 20, 2017, he notified Apple for using the patented method in their Apple Watch Series 3, reported NDTV.

In the lawsuit Dr. Wiesel alleged that Apple has “refused to negotiate in good faith to avoid this lawsuit”. He wants the court to order Apple to pay him royalties and, barring that, to block the company from using his invention without permission. Apple was yet to respond to the lawsuit filed at the federal court in Brooklyn.