Dialogue with History Episode 16 | Examining Why Pakistan was Created Part 1


Why was Pakistan created? In Part 1, this Episode discusses how the British and the Americans conspired to create Pakistan as a buffer state they could control against the communism of Soviet Russia. Watch the previously unaired episode from the original host of Hasb e Haal, Khabarnaak, and Khabardar. In this episode, Aftab Iqbal serves as host of the show with special guest, Political Science Professor Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed where they touch on the topic of why there was the Indian Partition with Pakistan being created to buffer from Soviet Communism and the weak Pakistani leaders were spineless in representing our interests against the British and Americans.

Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed is a Swedish political scientist and author of Pakistani descent. He holds a PhD in Political Science from Stockholm University. He has taught at Government College University, Lahore. the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Stockholm University, and the National University of Singapore. He is member of the editorial advisory boards of “Asian Ethnicity”; “Journal of Punjab Studies”; “IPRI Journal, Islamabad”; and “PIPS Research Journal of Conflict and Peace Studies, Islamabad”. He has written numerous books on the politics of South Asia, political Islam, human rights, multiculturalism, ethnicity, identity and nationalism.

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Topic: Examining Why Pakistan was Created Part 1