Cricket legend Wasim Akram hates what rain does to Karachi


After looking at footage of rains in Karachi, former Pakistan cricket captain Wasim Akram took to Twitter to say that it was time to wake up and address the problem.

“Seeing the footage of Karachi underwater and my heart goes out to all affected. I can’t say I’m not surprised that this has happened yet again. A wake up call? No it’s a problem that needs to be addressed period! We need to fix our beautiful city,” he tweeted.

The cricket legend received mixed comments to his tweet which led him to clarify his stance. Akram said that he tweeted because “seeing videos of full gutters in Defence, flooded roads of Gulistan-e-jauhar, PECHS & Baldia & a city being destroyed by rain yet again. I have no political agenda whatsoever. I am just a citizen of Pakistan & care for the welfare of people in my hometown”.

“The people of Pakistan should be able to celebrate the rain, not mourn over it! Mix my words however you like but too many people suffer every year because of this problem, and that is what kills me,” he added.

Bulbulay star Ayesha Omar also took to Twitter to share how she felt about the rain.

“I’m torn. I love, love the rain but it kills me to see what my city and its people have to go through, after. It’s heartbreaking. It’s so unfair,” she said.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department has predicted rain in Karachi, Thatta and Badin on Tuesday. (

“Mainly hot and humid weather is expected in most parts of the province,” the PMD said on its website. “However, rain, wind and thunderstorm are expected in Karachi, Thatta and Badin.”

Many roads, streets, and homes were flooded in Karachi following heavy rains Monday afternoon. Two people died after being electrocuted in Baldia Town.

The monsoon season, which starts in June and continues till September, is crucial to Pakistan’s agriculture sector.

But it also causes widespread death and destruction in the region.