Cousin slams bride for charging guests $50 VIP entrance fee


An invited wedding guest has told how a bride wanted to charge each of those attending $50, in the hope of recouping some of the costs spent on her ‘special day.’

In a story posted to Reddit, the 19-year-old cousin of the bride recounted how the 26-year-old had texted her to ask if she wouldn’t mind paying the fee to attend her nuptials.

In return, she promised to add her to an ‘exclusive guest list’ which would mean ‘no waiting in line to enter the wedding while other guests pay’.

The teenager wrote how she was shocked by the forward request and quickly decided to forgo the wedding altogether.

‘I’m a 19-year-old student, I don’t have a lot of debt, but I can’t be throwing my money around like I’m rich,’ Reddit user DaintySheep wrote.

After the bride explained to her over a text why she was deciding to charge $50 to attend the ceremony, the cousin told how she was equally apalled after being asked to send her the money through the Venmo app.

‘I was shocked. I responded asking why and she said she wanted to get the money she spent on her special day back. I told her I wouldn’t be able to come because this was outrageous and that I wish her well on her special day.’

But the drama didn’t end there. The bride then decided to contact her aunt over her neice’s failure to stump up the cash, at which point the aunt labelled her ‘cheap and rude’.