Chai Wala presents special varieties to attract tea lovers in Peshawar


Having unique varieties of different kinds of tea and breakfast foods, Quetta Chai Wala Queta Tea House is the first ever tea house in Peshawar which attracting large numbers of tea lovers to Tipu Sultan road Fawara Chowak in the heart of Peshawar.

It is the first branch of Quetta tea in Peshawar Saddar and serves the residents with different varieties of tea and Parata. The residents of the city warmly welcome the staff members from Quetta who work 24 hours in two shifts to entertain Peshawar residents.

If we look into the varieties of tea, there are 25 varieties which include Gold Malai tea, Doodh Pati, Simple tea, Doodh Kawa, Doodh Badami Tea, Doodh Gurh Tea, Doodh Chilgoza tea, Doodh Akhroot tea, Doodh Honey tea and Choclate tea.

Similarly in Kashmiri tea there four varieties include Kashmiri dry fruit tea, Kashmiri Anar tea, Kashmiri apple tea and Kashmiri Orange tea.

In Matka black tea there are four varieties including Tandoori Doodh Pati, Tadoori Doodh Pati Gurh, Tandoori dry fruit tea, Tandoori Malai tea. Likewise in green tea there are six varieties including Green Peshawari tea, green honey tea, green Gurh tea, Barazilian green tea, lemon grass tea and black tea.

The taste of each type of tea is different from one another and a large number of people visit Fawara Chawak to enjoy the services of Quetta Chai Wala.