Chai, Toast aur Host | 18th October 2016


Anoushey Ashraf moves into a new house, a new home, and the the neighbors are curious to discover more about the beautiful
girl-next -door. Every day delivers a new episode in the day in life of Anoushey.

“Chai, Toast Aur Host” is a story about her life a homemaker, a working lady, an artist, a friend, an advice seeker, a frivolous light hearted person, a multi-tasker, a simple girl with large ambitions and aspirations.

The show evolves as she interacts with people from different walks of life, the artists, the movers and shakers, the philosophers, the poets, the singers, quirky friends and curious neighbours – all with freshly prepared breakfast sets the mood of the meal table and fuels each morning with the daily newsfeed.