Celebrities speak out against ‘filthy rivers’ on Karachi roads


At least five more people were killed due to electrocution and structural collapse as the ongoing monsoon spell turned many roads in Karachi into rivers of filthy rainwater and left many houses and shops flooded. The Sindh government, though, insisted that the situation “could have been worse.” People in Karachi took to social media to vent their anger about the now all-too-familiar devastation caused by the showers and shared videos that showed rainwater mixed with sewage surging through narrow alleys, people using boats to cross the roads and cars floating away on flooded roads as if they were made of plastic. Many celebrities including Ayesha Omar, Ali Rehman Khan and Wasim Akram also took to social media and highlighted the issue. “I’m torn. I love, love the rain but it kills me to see what my city and its people have to go through, after. It’s heart-breaking. It’s so unfair,” the Bulbulay star, Ayesha Omar, tweeted.

“Karachi goes through the same bittersweet predicament every time it rains, every single year for as long as I can remember. How does the largest city in Pakistan have the worst planning & development in the country? We all know the answer, we just wish for it to change,” shared the Parchi actor.

“Seeing the footage of Karachi underwater and my heart goes out to all affected. I can’t say I’m not surprised that this has happened yet again. A wake-up call? No, it’s a problem that needs to be addressed period! We need to fix our beautiful city,” Wasim Akram said.