Caged toddler rescued from marijuana plantation, was kept with 600 animals


A cannabis plantation was raided in Henry County, USA which turned bizarre upon the discovery of a caged toddler.

Three people were detained after a toddler was found in a cage surrounded by more than 600 animals, a hundred marijuana plants and more than a dozen guns.
The local sheriff identified 46-year-old T.J. Brown, 42-year-old Heather Scarbrough and 82-year-old Charles Brown as suspects who were all arrested.

They have been charged with aggravated child abuse, aggravated animal cruelty, possession of firearm in commission of a felony, manufacturing of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and cruelty to animals. Brown was also charged with possession of a firearm.

The 18-month-old boy was found in a 4’x4′ cage in a living room in a miserable condition, said the country police.

15-20 dogs were found running loose without a leash or collar around the property and feces were found all over the place, the sheriff said.

He described some parts of the home as not having any flooring at all and the kitchen being ‘unlivable’ with maggots and cockroaches all over the place.

Animal Rescue Corps assisted with the animal removal, some were found dead and rotting.

The animals found at the home included: 86 chickens and roosters, 56 dogs, 10 rabbits, 4 parakeets, 3 cats, 8 snakes, one pheasant, 531 rodents, one gecko and three sugar gliders.

Also recovered from the home was 127 marijuana plants and 17 guns.