Brave Kashmiri mothers and the freedom movement – Senator A Rehman Malik


Kashmiri mothers are fighting for the freedom of Kashmir even after sacrificing their sons. They have demonstrated their courage and have refused to bow before the aggression of PM Modi despite losing their beloved children. I have narrated the perspective of a Kashmiri as under.

“I am a Kashmiri mother waiting for my son who was whisked away by the Indian Army on unspecified charges. He was dragged away at midnight for interrogation with a promise to send him back. I don’t forget that dark night when my son was pulled out of the house from his hair by the Indian military. I saw my son helplessly being pulled in a jeep and my beloved innocent son was looking towards me and I felt that my son had been snatched forever. I had a strong feeling as if he is not going to return. One year has passed but I have no clue of my son, reports are reaching me that he has been killed heartlessly by the Indian Army which is complying with the orders of the merciless Indian Prime Minister Modi who has crossed all limits of humanity.”

“I sit still every day outside the door waiting for my beloved son but he does not come back to hug and love me. I still think the news of my son is not true. I miss him every day, but have one inner satisfaction, that my son has sacrificed his life for the freedom of Kashmir. A Muslim soldier within the Indian Army in Kashmir informed a relative that my son has been martyred and gave his life with a very brave face and his desire for freedom was evident despite the torture on him. It was further disclosed to my brother that my son has been killed in an encounter in the mountains along with others. My son had a dream to free his fellow Kashmiri brothers and sisters from the unprecedented ordeal of Prime Minister Modi and the Indian Armed Forces.”

“May I ask all the mothers of the world; why are us Kashmiri mothers suffering and why do we not get the support of the female elite of the Muslim Ummah? Only a mother knows the pain of a missing son having been snatched away. May I also ask the mothers of the Muslims countries as to why the painful voices of Kashmiri mothers are not being heard? May I appeal to the woman elites from all walks of life to show solidarity with these oppressed and aggrieved Kashmiri mothers whose sons are facing such tragedies every day at the hands of the Indian troops? May I ask for them to put themselves in the place of Kashmiri mothers; what would you feel and do if your loved one is taken and murdered and the mother even cannot see the face of her son who was brutally tortured to death by the Indian Armed Forces?”

Why is the world so soft on India, on its brutalities on Kashmiris, who are facing unprecedented brutalities and crimes against humanity by PM Modi through his Army? I have a question; why are Muslim countries—including Pakistan—not moving against Indian brutalities in the United Nations and the International Court of Justice (ICJ)?

It is strange enough that Modi moved ICJ to protect an infamous terrorist Kulbhushan Yadav. Kulbhushan Yadav is accused of heinous crimes and it does not matter he carried out terrorism as a spy or as a terrorist, whereas the fact is that he carried out the orders of Delhi. It is the same Delhi which has asked for his release and manufactured a story for justice for Kulbhushan Yadav. Why have Pakistan and Muslim countries not taken on Delhi by charging Prime Minister Modi as a war criminal in ICJ? My appeal to Pakistan is to treat Kulbhushan Yadav as a terrorist having been sponsored by Delhi. No law can be applied retrospectively and the law specific to Kulbhushan Yadav will backfire and he has to be treated like a terrorist as per the law; the law which was prevalent at the time of his arrest and this new law specific to Kulbhushan Yadav will display our weakness as ICJ should have accepted our law originally in place.

Can any court in the world order to make a new law specific to an accused? I am most depressed and disappointed to see the crying mothers of Kashmir who are going to bring their sons back. I have seen the brutalities of Prime Minister Modi who is an active member of RSS (a terrorist organisation), which has been involved in the massacre of Muslims since its inception. Since January 1989 till January 31 2018 alone, more than 94,700 innocent Kashmiris have been killed; 8,000 were killed in custody, 11,050 women were gang-raped and 7, 485 were injured by pellets.

The Kashmiri mother further states that she is seeing a lot of aliens in Kashmir and Hindus are being settled in her motherland and it looks like within a year or two, the extremist Hindus will be making their lives miserable and the reduction of Muslims population through the new plan of demographic reduction of Muslims is going to continue. “The special status of Kashmir was won by our forefathers which has been scrapped and our identity as Kashmiris are being masked by imposing Hindu extremists on us in Kashmir. Our life brings everyday miseries and us mothers of Kashmir have protested for our missing young sons but our voice is being suffocated, whereas all bodies of human rights have turned a blind eye to Kashmir.”

I have a question to the Secretary-General UN; why is he not proceeding for action through the Human Rights Commission? Let them come and see the brutalities, the killings of Kashmiri youth, and the horrible treatment of the Muslim men, women, and children in Kashmir by the Indian Army for themselves?

“We the mothers of Kashmir will not give in until we get the right of self-determination leading to our independence which is our fundamental right and not be dictated by the Indian war criminal Prime Minister Modi who should have been tried by ICJ and put behind bars, whereas there has been no action against him by UN and has encouraged the commander in chief of the RSS to have his way with the backing of the West.

I assure the Kashmiri mothers that Pakistan is standing behind you. I am quite hopeful that Pakistan will take Modi to ICJ for his trial as a war criminal.