Bones from giant reptiles were flung into space million years ago


Although Neil Armstrong was the first human to step foot on the moon in 1967, dinosaurs may have beat him to it 66 million years prior – or at least pieces of the prehistoric creatures did.

The claim stems from Peter Brannen’s 2017 book, ‘The End of the World,’ which was recently shared on Twitter.

An excerpt describes the violent asteroid as it ripped a ‘hole of outer space vacuum in the atmosphere.

This sent debris flying into to orbit and ‘bits of dinosaurs’ may have been mixed up in the enormous volume of earth that expelled into space – all of which settled on the moon.

The catastrophic asteroid crashed into what experts say was at the ‘deadliest possible angle’ when it came barreling into what is now Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

Brannen, who is an award-winning science journalist, writes that the asteroid was larger than Mount Everest and came crashing through the atmosphere 20 times faster than a speeding bullet.