Bhaee Hazir Hai: Ali Zafar to release rap song soon


Singer and actor Ali Zafar has released a behind-the-scenes footage of his upcoming rap song.

On Instagram, Zafar posted a video where he could be seen recording the song Bhaee Hazir Hai.

Zafar said the song will be released soon, but did not give a date.

The song’s name may, however, sound familiar to some people. Zafar used the phase for the first time in February when singer Ali Azmat accused him of hiring bloggers to spread hate against the anthem for the fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League.

Azmat claimed that singers who previously sung anthems for the tournament had conspired against this year’s anthem Tayyar Hain.

In response to Azmat’s comment, Zafar took to Twitter and posted a video. “Whatever problem you have in life, whether it’s social, or economic or the failure of a song or an event, there’s only one person responsible for it and that’s me,” the singer said sarcastically.