Bandhan | Episode 29


Parents are the primary source of comfort and emotional stability for their children, but sometimes over-protective parents leave a major affect on the life of their children, due to some decisions they make which they believe are right for their children.
Bandhan is a story of a dominant single-parent mother, over-powering the emotions and decisions of everyone else in the house. Obedience is what parents expect from their child.

Writer: Nuzhat Saman
Director: Junaid Khan
Cast :
Hammad Farooqui as Ammar
Alia Ali as Alishba
Anita Campher as Sabiha
Madiha Rizvi as Sabohi
Jaweriya Ajmal as Saba
Ali Parwasha Abrar as Zaiba
Hassan as Ahsan
Zarmeena Ikram as Joohi
Wahaj Khan as Shayan