Atiqa Odho wants people to stop judging Naumaan Ijaz


Actor Atiqa Odho came to Naumaan Ijaz’s rescue after he got Twitter fired up by proudly admitting to having extramarital affairs and successfully hiding them from his wife.

He made the insensitive comments about infidelity in a year-old interview with actor Iffat Omar. The clip recently went viral on social media.

While Twitter was calling him out for his remarks, Odho said that she had a good laugh over his ‘infidelity joke.’

“My dear friend Naumaan Ijaz, you really know how to get people’s attention! Trust you to joke about infidelity and people start to take it all so seriously,” said Odho taking to her social media.

“Great way to get their attention. Hats off to my buddy Rabia for also laughing it off knowing her husband loves to poke people’s imagination.”

She added that Ijaz is “naughty and entertaining” and there is never ever a dull moment on and off-screen with him.

“Anyway, just keep smiling and exposing others petty mindedness. Shame that they can so quickly judge you on a light-hearted moment on camera and disregard your years of service in the entertainment industry,” she said.