Apple Watch 6 With New Blood Oxygen Sensor Introduced


Apple has been introducing new iPhones in September every year for years, but this time the tradition has been broken.

Apple’s Virtual Time Flies event focused on the company’s new digital subscriptions to smartwatches, iPads and TVs and video games.

The most talked-about device is the new Apple Watch 6 with many additions.

Apple Watch 6 has a handwriting tracker to combat COVID-19, a feature to monitor blood oxygen levels that will alert the user when the level is too low.

Features such as sleep tracking through motion sensors have been added, while new colours such as blue aluminium, black graphite and deep red have been added.

The company said that the Apple Watch 6 series will test blood oxygen levels in 15 seconds using red and infrared light.

This smartwatch has a new S6 processor that will be 20% faster than the previous one.