Amna Ilyas encourages dark skinned girls to follow their dreams


Known for her unconventional looks, fashion model and actress, Amna Ilyas, who appeared in Saqib Malik’s directorial debut Baaji earlier this year, has not only opened and closed numerous fashion shows for several top notch designers but has also won multiple awards for her work.

On multiple occasions Amna has spoken up about how she was criticized over her dark complexion and how the entertainment industry is obsessed with white-washing.

The model and actress, who is also the Youth Ambassador for the Punjab Population Innovation Fund (PPIF), recently posted a throwback video from the Lux Style Awards in 2015 where she bagged the Best Female Model. “Throwing it back because this message is still so relevant! When I started modelling, I was criticised for my color and because of that, I had to work extra hard to prove that my darkness doesn’t mean I’m ugly,” she captioned the video clip.

“Today I want to say something to the dark skinned girl reading this, you are not ugly. You are beautiful. You are deserving. Our skin tones should be embraced for the distinct beauty it brings. One by one, we can shatter the colonized mindset of ‘light skin is the only skin’. It all starts with YOU. Follow your dream and don’t let the world of fairness creams and racism stop you!” Amna added.