Ali Zafar releases duet with 12-year-old Urooj Fatima


Actor, singer and producer Ali Zafar, whose debut Pakistani film Teefa In Trouble released to critical and commercial acclaim last year, recently released a new song, called ‘Laila O Laila’. Featuring 12-year-old Urooj Fatima from Balochistan alongside him, the duet follows the former’s journey and highlights the beauty of her province.

The song is a Balochi melody and the music video, shot in Balochistan, features glimpses of Urooj’s early childhood as she learned singing. The scenic beauty of the province is highlighted in the video while the song is upbeat and pleasant.

Urooj, who is also UNICEF’s adolescent champion, makes her debut with the song that was released last weekend. Ali Zafar took Twitter to share the songs and stated, “Today marks the debut of a very talented young singer, the 12 year old Urooj Fatima from the beautiful Balochistan. Watch this to understand that boy or girl, why you should always follow your heart and dreams.”

Urooj also shared her gratitude prior to the release of ‘Laila O Laila’ and tweeted, “Can’t wait more! Be ready on Friday ‘Laila o Laila’ song with Ali Zafar. I am very happy. Thank you Ali bhai for your support and love. You are an inspiration for me.”