AI can identify coronavirus infection by listening to cough


A new AI tool developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology Technology (MIT) can identify a coronavirus infection just by listening to coughing.
The tool uses neural networks which can identify changes in a person’s cough. Even without the presence of other symptoms, the AI can lock on to subtle changes in coughing patterns.

The AI was trained by using tens of thousands of coughing recordings and audio samples. In early tests the AI has accurately recognised infections 98.5% of times in confirmed cases and 100% in asymptomatic cases.

However, MIT has warned that the tool is not a substitute for a medical opinion from a certified doctor or a COVID-19 test. The team is developing a user-friendly app that will deploy the AI to act as a screening tool.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, AI had been trained to recognise asthma and pneumonia from cough patterns.